About This Blog

I love photography. I love to write. Blogs were created for people like me!

So what is this blog? What's its purpose?

This blog is my chronicle of life here and now.

It is a documentary of the cute things my kids do and say - so I won't forget ('cause I know I will).

It is a medium by which to update my family who (sadly) live far away

This blog is my journal - a way for me to look at life in light of the fact that Christ is in me, my hope of glory. (Col. 1:27) It is also a journal documenting our journey with our youngest son, who was diagnosed in 2014 with a genetic disorder called ARHGEF9 related disorder, as well as a mutation of the SRPX2 gene.

So what will you get if you keep reading this blog? Lots of pictures. Funny stories. Day-to-day activities that may seem mundane to you but are thrilling to my mom (trust me!). Reflections on life.

And, while I didn't plan on it way at the beginning of this blog, you will get my thoughts on this special needs journey.