About the Characters

The Main Characters
My kiddos make regular appearances on this blog, so let me give you an introduction!

{Go here for the background behind the nicknames!}
My Firstborn - J
J is my oldest son. He introduced me to motherhood in 2005. J is an avid reader, an animal lover, and a Michigan State fan. In the summers you'll find him hanging out at the frog pond, and in the winters he's cozied up on the couch with a favorite book. He also enjoys basketball and soccer, and I just have to say it...he's one smart cookie! He excels at school (and not just at recess!). J is kind, compassionate and a thinker.

My Princess - Tweety
In 2007 my little girl arrived. Tweety is my princess and my rough-and-tumble girl all wrapped into one. She prefers to wear dresses, loves glitter or anything pink or purple and owns more shoes than me. At the same time she loves to go frog hunting with J, likes holding snakes and enjoys playing in the mud. Tweety is bold (almost fearless). She has great mothering instincts, which she uses often on Blue!
My Baby - C (nickname used to be Blue and Big C)
C is my baby. He made us a family of five in 2009. He is famous for his contagious smiles and body-shaking belly laughs. This blog is often a record of his journey. When he was about seven months old, specialists and therapists described C as "severely delayed and undiagnosed." That meant he was far behind developmentally...no one knew why...we didn't know if he would catch up. At the time I wrote, "But God knows him - everything about him. And that's good enough for us while we wait for progress...or answers." In 2014 C was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called ARHGEF9-related disorder. He was diagnosed, as well, with an SRPX2 mutation, which may be connected to his disabilities. Also in 2014 he received a provisional diagnosis of autism, and the doctors now speak in terms of "impairments" rather than delays. Our lives are full of therapy, talking with teachers, doctor visits...and always we soak up our boy's hugs and laughter and cuteness. We thank God every day that C is ours. And we trust God to help us on this journey. To track his progress, check out the Blue's Journey label.

The Supporting Characters
Matt, my husband, doesn't appear on the blog a lot, but he is our rock. He is a great husband and a wonderful dad. He is an associate pastor, and some of his favorite things include: studying Greek, playing/watching sports, working on the yard and playing with the kiddos. They love to wrestle daddy!

Jenna is Matt's youngest sister. She lived with us for nearly four years while she completed her undergraduate degree in education. Our kids adore her, and I think the feeling is mutual! Tweety mimics Jenna in so many ways, and Blue loves her just about as much as he loves me. I loved having a sister in the house for four years. And now she's our next-door neighbor! Perfect!