Camp Barakel

One of our favorite places is Camp Barakel! Over the years Matt has occasionally been a speaker at Barakel. The first time he was a summer speaker, we all tagged along. That was in 2011. Camping at Barakel as a family was a unique, fun experience. We loved it!

Well, most of us loved it. C did not, so that was the first and last time we experienced Barakel all together. Until this past week.

Matt was the speaker, and after much discussion, we decided to try the family experience again. This time we brought Jenna along for extra help with C, and we planned for me and the kids to leave early with Jenna if C didn't like camp.

Here's a little peak at the week...

My favorite Barakel speaker!
 The first full day at Barakel dawned with a clap of thunder and rain, so the game room was the main attraction for that soggy day!
 C thought air hockey was hilarious!
 These guys take chess very seriously!
 A game that involves rolling balls in a box? Yes, C would like to play that game over and over!
The second day was gorgeous, so those who were old enough got to try out the zipline. No surprise that I had one unhappy 10-year-old who wanted to be 12!
Here are the zipline conquerors - at least Tweety got to document the event even if she was too young to try out the thrill
 C didn't seem too bothered by the fact that he was too young to zip
C's favorite spot was the waterfront! J could've enjoyed swimming in the deep water, but he wanted to spend all his time with C. These brothers melt my heart!
 While I spent a lot of time with C keeping him happy, Jenna made sure Tweety had a good time!
So, as depicted in the pictures, C had some fun moments. But, sadly, he once again was not super fond of camp. And he was even less fond of sleeping at camp. Not sure what we would have done without his music phone.
Jenna, Tweety, C, and I ended up heading home early. I was a little disappointed but not too surprised, and we're thankful for the many good memories we made. Barakel is an amazing place full of people who love Jesus and love kids. (And they spoil their speakers!! They were so kind in working to provide any accommodations we might need to make C more comfortable at camp.)

So we had a fun couple of days with memories to hold on to. Now to catch up on sleep!


Jess Newland said…
Oh my goodness! I love Camp Barakel! I grew up going there as a kid - summer camp and winter camp!