Ending and Beginning

Finally, nearly a month after the Kansas cousins got their summer break, we finally have ours! So I'm wrapping up the end of the school year and diving into the start of summer with this post.

Last day of school this week...
J had his final band concert this month. He was so happy to keep his first chair status all year long! He definitely has his daddy's talent with the trumpet. C didn't like this concert quite as much as the Christmas one. The song that was supposed to portray the chaos of a fire was a little too modern for his taste! But he made it through the whole concert - so proud of him!
Matt and I have birthdays a week apart, and within the span of about two months we have four of our five family birthdays, plus Mother's day, so there's been a lot of good eating and celebrating going on. Jenna made me this awesome, homemade carrot cake! It was the best I've ever had!
 C took me out for breakfast for my birthday - and ate all my pancakes! He makes me so, so happy!
Matt's parents spoiled us by grilling steak (my favorite!) for our birthdays, and then the old racetrack in the basement provided loads of entertainment!
And now it's time for summer! We have lots of fun things planned, as well as plans to enjoy the restfulness and mundane elements of summer! J said that when he thinks of summer, he thinks of the library. Yes, yes, he's definitely my child!

Trips to the UP, yard work, trips to the library, seeing Kansas family...it's going to be a good, good summer!
And then, there's these two guys
Today celebrates 15 years of love, marriage, and life together with my Matt! It also marks 13 years of missing my dad. God's goodness covers both anniversaries. In love, in life, in death - great is God's faithfulness.