Speech Therapy Courtesy of "The Great British Baking Show"

Tweety and I found a favorite show on Netflix over the winter - The Great British Baking Show. We usually spread out an episode over several days, cuddling on the couch and drooling over cake. Good thing watching cake bake is calorie free!

The first time we watched the show, Big C joined us. As the judges cut into the cakes, Big C turned to me and said, "Cah."

"Yes, cake!" I said.

A few seconds later, he put his hand on my arm and said again, "Cah."

"Yes, cake!" I replied.

And so it continued for the entire episode. "Cah." "Cake!" "Cah." Cake!"

So that may not sound like the best way to watch TV, but trust me, it was awesome!

Big C said cake with no help from me. I didn't teach the word. Or prompt him. Or try to get him to imitate the word. No therapy techniques or data tracking. He just said it.

(Okay, so maybe Tweety and I were gushing over the cakes, and Big C probably heard us say "cake" oodles of time in the midst of our gushing, but it was just conversation. I wasn't intentionally teaching! Speech therapy via The Great British Baking Show - that's my kind of therapy!)

We hear Big C saying so many word approximations, lots of them now unprompted! I think cake is an excellent one to add to his vocabulary, and how cool is it that he's picking up words just from conversation!

The minute J walks in the door from school every day, I know I'll hear Big C say, "Jah jah, cah cah." Translated, that means "J, soccer." In other words - "J, let's go outside and play soccer."

Speaking of outside, that's another word Big C has mastered, which is most appropriate considering my post a few weeks ago about his obsession with playing outside!

Another favorite phrase of his is, "Get me!" He says it with the cutest twinkle in his eye, and then he turns and runs! It's the best game ever - he runs, we chase, it all ends in laughter and tickles and hugs.

It's still hard for me to believe I just wrote that - Big C has a favorite PHRASE! He's putting words together!

Before I know it, one of these days he'll probably turn to me with that twinkle in his eyes and say, "Bake me a cake." And you know I will! (It'll look nothing like The Great British Baking Show, unless my awesome sis-in-law intervenes, but I'll happily make him one!)


V ickie said…
Love that show!!! Glad it turned out to be helpful too!
amber said…
It's a double win!