Spring is Rough

When I look out across the field these days, I see a creeping, green mist winding through the trees. Soon it will turn to a pastel wall bordering the unplowed dirt, and then darken to forest green. That's always my signal that spring is here to stay.

Spring is marvelous!

Sunny days. Flowers emerging. Blue skies and spring winds.

As marvelous as spring is, it's also rough.

Every year Big C, too, notices the arrival of spring. I don't know what his signal is - maybe the warm winds or the return of sunshine, which was absent for half a year, or the green grass.

Whatever the signal, Big C knows when spring steps foot in Michigan. And for him that means we MUST play outside. All the time.

We do play outside lots! The therapy center builds in plenty of outside play just for Big C. At home we spend hours in an afternoon playing soccer and swinging and going for walks.
 The runners of the family!
But hours of outside play is not enough for Big C. He wants outside access 24 hours a day.

Of course I know, Matt knows, the older kids know - that's not possible. There's homework and house cleaning and meal prep and sleeping that have to be done inside. Plus, spring in Michigan means we'll still have plenty of colder days. Big C understands none of that.

So, unfortunately, every spring he has to relearn this sad fact that we can't play outside forever. And it's rough.

Rainy days can mean hours on end of Big C trying to communicate to us, in any way he can, that he wants to go outside, while we try to communicate to him, in any way we can, that we can't go outside at the moment.

Springtime amplifies the frustrations of the communication barrier. That barrier is shrinking bit by bit, but it is still formidable, as is the stress that goes with it.

Thankfully this week Big C hasn't seemed quite as upset about the outside-play limits. However, we've also had a lovely week where we were outside a ton. I guess we'll see how the next few days play out!
On the plus side, I get plenty of exercise in the spring and summer! The sunshine - and Big C - forever beckon me to get out and play!


Jessica Stewart said…
This is just a test :) I have tried twice to post a comment - clearly, I do not know how! So, this is a test! If it works... I hope to comment correctly.
amber said…
I can see your test!
Jessica Stewart said…
Wonderful! I was lead to your blog by an amazing woman who works with my son, Jase. When she said a sentence I very rarely hear - " Jase reminds me a lot of her son" - I began reading your posts! I can see what she's talking about and was wondering if you're open to questions and insights ( I am already curious about the stroller and the necklace haha) While their diagnosis aren't the same- they are both very rare! The woman who sent me this blog speaks very highly of you and I trust her judgement when it comes to my son. You have a beautiful family and I am excited to keep reading to catch up!

And now that I figured out how to respond... maybe this will be easier 😂
amber said…
I would love to connect more! My email is ambermb@hotmail.com if that's easier than commenting!