Things We Loved at Barakel

There are lots of things to love about Camp Barakel! Coming from the kids' perspective, here are a few of them!

We loved the rifle range. Ok, I admit, this one surprised me! I figured we'd pay the range a visit and then get on with camp exploration. But J and Tweety both spent hours shooting BB guns!

Wow! This gun is heavier than it looks!

Good thing she's got her daddy around to help!
By the end of the week, she was aiming all by herself and ended up with a couple bullseyes. Probably more luck than skill, but I could be wrong!

And this little man earned himself a Pro-Marksman medal. He was quite thrilled!

Of course we loved the lake! It provided a lovely location for snack breaks...
 ...gorgeous scenery
 ...obviously swimming :)
 ...and it was about the only place in camp where Blue was happy. There were some days I wished we could stay out there all day just to keep a smile on his face.

And we liked doing exactly what the big kids did!

Stay tuned for more favorite things about Barakel in our next post!


Kara said…
What great pics of them in and by the water! I love Jackson jumping up so excitedly. :) Glad you had a good time.