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Happy 11th Birthday {2018}

Our Tweety is 11 today! Happy birthday to our favorite girl!

This girl has a spark to her! She's funny, sassy, and tenderhearted. Tweety keeps us entertained, and most days she makes sure life isn't too quiet around here! She likes to read sometimes, but usually we find her playing with a cat or she's begging us to do something - anything - FUN!!! She's not one for sitting around. And one more way to describe this girl - she's really, really good at finding creative ways to show kindness.

She's growing up into a beauty with lots of little-kid fun still in her!
We love you, girl! As is tradition, here's the year-in-review video! {Click here or watch below!}

Happy 11th Birthday {2018} from Amber on Vimeo.

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